About Alt Tribe

We are a bunch of creative thinkers, designers, technologists, writers & strategists who are excited about the future, seeing the world around us changing rapidly by the day. Our dream is to change at a similar or faster pace. We believe that the future is all about collaboration, shared economy and leading a free-spirited and purposeful life. We no longer want to be bonded labourers to any project, company or even a cause and each one of us would like to work at our own pace and most importantly, our own terms.

Alt Tribe is our attempt to create this very unique tribe of people - a posse of superheroes, who with their unique abilities will help us knock over challenge after challenge. It doesn’t matter if you live on some other planet or close to any of our offices or are engaged in some other crazy battles.

Welcome to Alt Tribe - a unique tribe of people who loves to lead a very unconventional life.

Why Choose Us

Knock on the doors of Alt Tribe, and knock off challenge after challenge. Here we match every freelancer's skill set and passion to a range of diverse creative project requirements from clients on our platform. We take pride in doing this in a simplified and, above all, secure way.

Our Mission

Talent speaks for itself. Our mission is to provide the ideal platform for talented folks to tap their true potential, get the recognition they deserve and for businesses to get exactly what they seek.

Our Vision

We believe in flexibility, freedom, and great work. Our platform is envisioned to create a culture where creators and artists are continuously inspired to break boundaries in their field of expertise.

Our Reach

Alt Tribe allows unrestricted collaboration in today's globalized world, enabling talent and talent seekers to find their very own perfect tribe.