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Daisy Naidu

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  • Daisy Naidu
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  • Im Daisy Naidu and Im an artist and photography is my dominant medium of expression and my soul mate. Im fascinated by light and how it can be moulded and controlled to create very specific lighting recipes that can lead to powerful narratives within image making. Im also an ardent fan of colours and am acutely aware of the effect colours have on the human psyche. Consciously manipulating the varied interesting elements of image making is what occupies me all the time. My style oscillates between clean, graphic, bold and artistic and conceptual. Im always open to exploration and evolution is fundamental to my practise. My earlier engagements with fabrics and paints quite naturally left me inclined to fashion and beauty photography.
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  • https://www.daisynaidu.com/
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    Availability to work : Full Time
    Working Preference : Weekdays
    Average Rate : 70000.00


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